Blockchain-based distributed database management technology

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currently, the development of a new class of software called “decentralized applications” is gaining popularity. Its foundations were laid by the technologies of Bitcoin and BitTorrent, aroused the interest of developers in the methods of their implementation. Over the past few years, the whole world has been excited by the explosion in popularity of cryptocurrencies, which has brought blockchain technology into the spotlight. its application is not limited to the creation of electronic money and platforms for their exchange. One of the promising areas for the introduction of blockchain technology is its use in the banking sector to improve the security of operations and reduce costs. This paper focuses on Blockchain technology and investigates its applications, implementations, and constituents. and how blockchain applications enhancing database management.
Bitcoin, BitTorrent, Blockchain, database management.

Maryam Ghazi Ali
Received 31 March 2022, Accepted 7 September 2022, published 31 December 2022.
DOI: 10.52113/2/09.02.2022/23-30

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