Determination of Natural Radioactivity in Some Commercial Phosphate Fertilizer Samples

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Determinations of specific activity concentrations for Uranium-238, Thorium-232 and Potassium-40 in 10 commercial phosphate fertilizers samples from various countries (Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Italy and Turkey) were accomplished by the use of high purity germanium detector device. Radiation hazard indices [(Annual Effective Dose Equivalent) in, (Annual Effective Dose Equivalent) out, Equivalent Activity of Radium, Dose Rate of Absorbed Gamma, Activity Concentration Index , Internal and External Hazard Indices and (Excess Life Time Cancer Risk) out] were also investigated. The acquired outcomes were fewer than the advisable limits identified by (UNSCEAR, 2000).
Radiation hazard indices, fertilizers samples, (HPGe) detector.
Firas Hashem Ahmed1,* Received 3-10-2020, Accepted 22-12-2020, published 31-12-2021.
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