Efficiency Comparison of Algorithms for Finding Determinants Via Permutations

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Determiners have been used extensively in a selection of applications throughout history. It also biased many areas of mathematics such as linear algebra. There are algorithms commonly used for computing a matrix determinant such as: Laplace expansion, LDU decomposition, Cofactor algorithm, and permutation algorithms. The determinants of a quadratic matrix can be found using a diversity of these methods, including the well-known methods of the Leibniz formula and the Laplace expansion and permutation algorithms that computes the determinant of any n×n matrix in O(n!).
In this paper, we first discuss three algorithms for finding determinants using permutations. Then we make out the algorithms in pseudo code and finally, we analyze the complexity and nature of the algorithms and compare them with each other. We present permutations algorithms and then analyze and compare them in terms of runtime, acceleration and competence, as the presented algorithms presented different results.
Determinants for Permutations, methods for Determinants, Generating Permutation.
DOI: 10.52113/2/08.01.2021/56-65

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