Efficient Method for Solving System of Nonlinear PDEs

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This paper presents an analysis solution for systems of nonlinear partial differential equations using decomposition method. Two illustrated examples has been introduced, and the method has shown a high-precision, fast approach to solve nonlinear system of PDEs with initial conditions, there is no need to convert the nonlinear terms into the linear ones due to the Adomian polynomials, not requiring any discretization or assumption for a small parameter to be present in the problem. The steps of the method are easy implemented and high accuracy.
System of PDEs, Decomposition Method, Convergence Analysis.
Z. H. Kareem and L. N. M. Tawfiq* Received 14-9-2020, Accepted 5-10-2020, published 31-12-2021. DOI: 10.52113/2/08.02.2021/7-16
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