Influence of watery and alcoholic extracts of Capparis Spinosa plant on bacterial activity

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The purpose of this study is to see how specific chemical components isolated from C. spinosa leaves and fruits affect bacterial activity. Subjects: Using two solvents, water and ethanol, the active components in the biology of this plant’s leaves and fruits were extracted. Under the flesh behind , the biological substances were determined using the chemical reagents detection method and the optical density spectrum method, and study effect of these extracts on bacterial activity. Results: There is no significant difference between the product in ethanol extraction and the extraction product in distilled water. As the result showed that both the leaves and fruits have an effect on the bacterial activity Conclusion: Capparis spinosa leave and fruit extracts have antimicrobial activity against positive and negative stain gram bacterial.
C. spinosa , bacterial ,Leaves , fruits.
Marwa Hamd Daher and Jawad Kadhum Muraih
Received 11-29-2021, Accepted 12-27-2021, published 05-31-2022.
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