Muthanna Science College

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Muthanna Journal of Pure Science (MJPS) is the official journal of the Al Muthanna Science College.

College of Science emphasizes a deep connection between theoretical knowledge and practice: the college interdisciplinary approach to education stresses the practical application and analysis of knowledge in department contexts. “On a campus, research and teaching are conducted in 4 different fields: biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics& computer aplplications. Students in these areas are in daily contact with one another, pursuing interdisciplinary projects, redefining fields of knowledge, pushing their own visions of the possible, and contributing to the Almuthanna province around them.

Our Values

  • Dedication, as exemplified by our commitment to the critical issues of society and our uncompromising ethical work.
  • Collaboration, is exemplified by our interdisciplinarity, our external partnerships, and our capacity to create new fields of inquiry.
  • Measuring excellence by impact, as exemplified by our focus on critical issues to local development, national interest  and almuthanna province  welfare.
  • Entrepreneurship, as exemplified by openness to new ideas, prudent use of resources, and readiness to act.
  • Depth driving breadth, as exemplified by our issue-driven research, our context-based general education initiatives, and our focus on problem-solving and creative production at all levels.
  • •        Compassion, as exemplified by our focus on student welfare, on the betterment of Samawa society  and on the personal development of the members of our community.
  • Integrity and inclusion, as exemplified by our attention to the highest ethical standards in all domains, and our commitment to being a community that welcomes talented minds from diverse backgrounds and challenges them individually and collectively to achieve their best.