Policy and Ethics

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Policy and Ethics

Open Access Policy and Ethics

Open access is a continuous publication practice that breaks from conventional ways of submitting, reviewing, authenticating, and then publishing articles to the general public. The Open Access publishing model does not charge subscribers or their institutions for access to papers or other services. Users do not need to subscribe to the journal in which these papers are written to read, view, copy, share, print, browse, or link to the full texts of these articles.


Kindly follow the instructions below when submitting a search to MJPS:

1- The author should not submit his/her manuscripts to multiple journals. Likewise, an author should not submit any paper previously published anywhere to the journals for consideration.

2- The author can attest to the fact that the works he or she has submitted are special. Necessary citations are needed where the author has used the work and/or vocabulary of another. Plagiarism, in any manner, is immoral publication behavior that must be avoided.

3- The author should list all references used to validate the report as well as any potential conflicts of interest.

4- The author should give due acknowledgement to all of those who have made contributions to the research.

5- Any apparent errors in the author’s written article should be immediately reported to the journal publisher, and the author should work diligently with the editor to get the paper retracted or corrected. If the publisher receives notification from someone other than the author that the written article involves an apparent mistake, the author may write a retraction or correct the error using the appropriate means.

6- As a matter of ethics, the author must pay the paper Processing Charge when the paper is accepted to the journal management system. Without reimbursement, no editorial publication.