Study of effect of the inductor on dynamical behavior for electronic circuit by using nonlinear part from type memductance

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The effect of the coil on the dynamical behavior of the electronic circuit with nonlinear part memductance was studied, where we studied four coil values: L = 90mH, L = 80mH, L = 70mH and L = 100mH with changing the value of the first capacitance c1. We obtained stability maps consisting of two regions (the dynamical behavior zone and the stability zone), where the dividing line is the Hopf bifurcation line, as well as the bifurcation diagram for each value from the coil and the first capacitance was obtained, as well as the phase portrait diagram in which we obtained the chaotic attractions And the period of the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth and eighth.
chaos , Lorenz, Chua, Bifurcation point, equilibrium.

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