Adsorption study of Activated soot and its application as an adsorbent surface for removal of Alizarine Red S from aqueous Solution

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In this study, activated soot (AS2) has been produced using materials that are both affordable and available. The preparation of the AS2 is done by thermal treatment of the soot at 400 ̊°C for 2 hours. XRD, SEM, and FTIR techniques were used to characterize the properties of the prepared AS2. The AS2 was used for Alizarine Red S (AR) dye adsorption from aqueous solutions. Several experimental parameters have been tested to study the properties of AS2 as an adsorbent, which include temperature, adsorbent weight, time, and the influence of pH. The results indicate that the AS2 has good adsorbent properties. Moreover, other remarks have been found such as the adsorption efficiency increased at pH=4 and decreased at pH=10. The rise in temperature has a negative impact on the adsorption efficiency. Finally, the optimal adsorbent weight was found to be 0.08 g and the optimal contact time was 15 min.
Activated soot (AS2), soot (AS1), Adsorption, Alizarine Red S (AR).
Yasmine Salam Hassan, Hassan Sabeeh Jabr
Received 16 May 2022, accepted 12 June 2022, published 31 December 2022.
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