Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in Karbala City

AbstractKey words
The aim of the paper is determine the groundwater quality depending on mathematical method for chemical analysis of groundwater to confining the suitability to multiple uses. The chemical analysis of groundwater for Karbala city depending on mathematical method is evaluated. Then used to find groundwater quality and suitability for multiple uses based on different chemical indices. The characterization of laboratory data has been contoured for the hydrogen ion concentration (PH), and the electrical conductivity (EC), and they are compared with WHO and Iraqi standards. Also, the contaminants parameters distributions of GW in the Karbala city have been evaluate the suitability of water. The evaluation based on the observed GW data of 91 unconfined wells represented the study area. Then, described the treatment of water based on Lewa Plus package gives details for the specific pump, motor power consumption as well as system power consumption. The estimated system capacity is about 96 m3day with a recovery of 80%.
Groundwater model, Groundwater Quality, PDEs, Contour Map, WHO Standards.

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