Growth Cinnamon Nanoparticles in Different Liquid by Pulsed Laser Ablation in Liquid PLAL

Saif Khalel Jasim1*, Awatif Saber Jasim1 and Ammar Ayesh Habeeb2

1*,1 "Department of Physics, College of Science, University" of Tikrit
2 "Department of Physics, College of Science, University" of Diyala
*Corresponding Author:: 1* , 1 and

AbstractKey words
Exact synthesis and characterization of different nanoparticles is needed for a broad range of biomedical applications. Traditionally, cinnamon has been used in food preparations and as a medicinal Medicine for the prevention and symptoms of a number of illnesses. It's established that cinnamon has antioxidants,Antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, therapeutic and other properties. The characterization of "cinnamon nanoparticles" (CNPs) cultivated in liquid by "pulsed laser ablation" is recorded. The effect of various liquid media (ethanol and methanol) on CNP growth "morphology, structure and optical" properties is determined. " laser Q-switched Nd: YAG " 10 ns pulse length, 1 Hz wavelength 1064 nm and energy ablation laser (500 mJ) fluence of 15.92 J/cm2 . Using the measurements FESEM, Uv-Vis and FTIR, FESEM images, nucleation with CNPs of an average size of 18.39 nm (in ethanol) and 45.43 nm (in methanol) were detected. CNP morphology has been found to be susceptible to liquid media. Our easy and creative approach will provide a basis for generating "CNPs" Determined size delivery potential for growth It was shown that by intuitively choosing the liquid growth media, "the structural , morphological, physical, optical properties" of such CNPs can be customized. This disclosure claimed that the current structured methodology could provide a basis for the efficient large-scale processing of CNPs for widespread applications.
Laser, , Ablation , CNPs, medium , Ethanol , Methanol

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