Exponential Reliability Estimation of (3+1) Cascade Model

Ahmed H Khaleel

Department of Statistics, College of Administration & Economics, University of Sumer
*Corresponding Author: ahmedharoon885@gmail.com

DOI: 10.18081/2226-3284/5-10/46-54

AbstractKey words
In this paper presents the R reliability mathematical formula of the (3 + 1) Exponential cascade model. The reliability of the model is expressed by exponential random variables, which are stress and strength distributions. The reliability model was estimated by three dissimilar methods (ML, Pr and LS) and simulation was performed using MATLAB 2016 program to compare the results of the reliability model estimates using the MSE criterion, the results indicated that the best estimator among the three estimators was ML.
Standby redundancy, Parameter, Exponential distribution, Unit, distributed Identically.

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