Histological Study and some biochemical parameters of Effects of Stevia on Pancreas in White Mice

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The goal of this study was to look at the histological and physiological alterations in the pancreas of mice after they were given stevia. The experimental animals were divided into two main groups for each sex of animals. The male experimental groups which included A1and B1. Group A1 served as a control, whereas Group B1 was given 1 mL of stevia solution orally every day for thirty days. The female experimental animals were divided in the same way as the male groups A2 and B2 each group composed of fifteen mice. All experimental animals housing in Animal House of science college in AL-Muthanna university, all environmental conditions were under control. The histological parameters included tissue sections from Pancreas. Blood samples were taken when the treatment period ended to measure glucose concentrations, and the animals were then killed for histological analysis. The histological result of Pancreas gland in both sex of experimental animals after treated with stevia didn’t showed any prominent changes in cellular structures of islet of Langerhans, the histological changes of pancreas gland after treated with stevia have normal cellular structures in islets of Langerhans without main histological effects. The glucose values didn’t have significant differences in treated groups with stevia (219.53±29.15 mg/dl) in male and (228.93±31.28 mg/dl) in female compared with control groups in both sex.
Stevia, Sweeteners, Glucose, Histology, Pancreas.
DOI: 10.52113/2/08.02.2021/116-128
Doaa Fareed Fawzi , Bassim Abdullah Jassim Received 28-9-2021, Accepted 26-10-2021, published 31-12-2021.
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