The side effects on the kidneys after Treated with Warfarin in male mice Musculus domesticus

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The warfarin drug is an oral anticoagulant have prominent side effects on the body organs when it is used for treatment of the cardiovascular system diseases, the current study focused to investigation the histo logical and bio chemical change in the kidney of male white mice after being treated with warfarin for 30 day. The present work carryout 40 males white mice, all laboratory animals were housed in the animal house of the sciences college / AL-Muthanna University. The experimental animals were divided into two groups which including group A was consider as control group, group B was treated with warfarin. The results after treated time with warfarin, showed prominent damage in renal corpuscle, the mechanism leading to renal damage is glomerular and tubular hemorrhage, spot of hemorrhage in parenchyma of the kidney and cystic dilation filled with blood. The biochemical results noted significantly increase in the levels of urea and crietinine comparation with control group. In conclusion, the warfarin was effective in treating blood clots, but it has side effects on the kidneys.
warfarin, kidney, blood hemorrhage.
DOI: 10.52113/2/08.02.2021/129-138
Noora A. Hassan1 , Bassim Abdullah Jassim2 Received 28-9-2021, Accepted 26-10-2021, published 31-12-2021.
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