On Harmonic Univalent Functions Involving q-Poisson Distribution Series

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Lately, the q- derivative operator has been used to investigate several subclasses of harmonic functions in different ways with different perspectives by many researchers and many interesting results were obtained. The qderivative operator are also used to construct some subclasses of harmonic functions. In this paper, we define involving of q-Poisson distribution three harmonic functions and we aim to find the conditions for these functions to belong to the subclasses of q-starlike and q-convex harmonic univalent functions.
Complex harmonic functions, univalent functions, q-calculus, q-starlike functions, q-convex functions.
DOI: 10.52113/2/08.02.2021/105-111
Sibel Yalçın 1 and Hasan Bayram 2
Received 19-10-2021, Accepted 27-10-2021, published 31-12-2021.
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